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We operate through an experienced network of publishers, aggregators, generators and advertisers and have implemented methods to work together to create the most accurate lead possible for your particular product or service.

Why ILG?

  • Lead Generation
  • Web Services
  • Data Monetization
  • Call Center Solutions
  • (Hot) Live Transfers
  • Real Time


Services We Offer

We offer a vast array of services for business success.

Lead Generation

We would like to offer your company a custom generation analysis for your particular industry. We believe in helping your company do for itself what we already do for many companies like your own.

Web Services

Design websites and landing pages to convert visitors into customers through a mix of targeted messaging and an understanding digital body language of the consumer. Translate your brand into an online experience that will engage and satisfy your audience.

Data Monetization

Do you own Data? Do you have a website that collects consumer data, including email and postal information? Or have you simply been buying data for your company and do not have enough man power to rehash? With over 9 years of online and offline data monetization- we will manage your database and show you how to Capitalize on data you already own and increase your bottom line!

Call Center Solutions

From call verifying to quality call center appointment sets, The I.L.G network can service your company in a wide range of general call center functions whether onshore or offshore.

(Hot) Live Transfers

Our 150 available seat call center network allows us to run various campaigns simultaneously and service all time zones from your business day start to finish.

Real Time

We offer the most reliable server to server HTTP/HTTPS Post For 100% of our leads.

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