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We capture first position opt-in long form leads using organic search engine keywords, PPC, contextual display ads, and affiliate publishers.

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In an industry with such a high Demand for b2b and b2c products and services, there has risen a broker culture which has created a spirit of distrust due to the lack of integrity that should exist when doing business. If you have clients who know and trust your efficiency of locating a great source for their needs, allow us to assist you in retaining your relationships. We understand that there are some great knowledgeable lead brokers that take care to protect their client.

Filling out the form below will generate a screening process and allow you access to our broker only, If accepted we will service only the best deal connecting professionals and offer discount prices on our 100% dependable leads. If you are a broker who functions as a savage in the pursuit of happiness, you need not apply here! This is where we separate the smash and grab artist from the lead generation culture professional.

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